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St. Louis County Probation & Alternative Community Service Program

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for

Probation, Community Service, Defensive Driving, etc.



-         Conditions of probation are NOT considered complete unless fees are paid in full, i.e., $60 community service fee, $55 Defensive Driving Class fee, $125 probation fee, etc.  All checks should be made out to P.S.U. (Probation Supervision Unit).


-     It is your responsibility to ensure that proof of completion of programs has been forwarded to this probation office.  For example, we must receive a copy of the C2 Completion Letter for proof of SATOP completion.  We must receive a copy of your receipt from VIP class.


-         If you are performing community service, it is your responsibility to ensure that the agency you are working with has reported your hours by due date.  Hours must be reported on OFFICIAL AGENCY LETTERHEAD ONLY via fax (314) 615-4685 or  mail at:

Probation Supervision Unit      

7900 Forsyth Room B10        

Clayton,     Mo 63105.


-         Community service must be performed at a non-profit federally recognized 501(c) tax-exempt organization, church, nursing home or hospital.


-         If you have been sentenced to perform classes not offered by this probation office (i.e., SATOP, Victim Impact Panel, Anger Management, Petty Larceny Class, AA meetings, etc.) ,  it is your responsibility to ensure that completion letters have been sent to this office once a class is completed.


-         The DAROP class is no longer being offered by St. Louis County Alternative Community Service Program.  If you have been sentenced by the courts to complete the DAROP program, you must now complete the ADEP program through an ADEP / SATOP provider agency.  A list can be accessed on the internet at:


-         Information on SATOP can be accessed on the internet at: