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St. Louis County Probation & Alternative Community Service Program

Conditions of Probation
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You shall abide by the following conditions of probation:
  1. You shall not violate any Federal, State, County, or Municipal Law or ordinance which is punishable by a fine and / or jail sentence.
  2. You shall report to the DJS County Probation office any arrests within 48 hours of the arrest, even if the charges are dropped, (i.e. You are released pending application of warrant.) This includes traffic citations / summons where there is no arrest.
  3. You shall pay all fees associated with the County Probation Programs, including a $200 probation supervision fee due within 90 days.
  4. You shall report to DJS County Probation any change of residence address and / or telephone number within 7 days of such change.  Failure to report a change of address or telephone number constitutes a probation violation.
  5. You shall complete ALL conditions of probation, as directed.  Failure to complete a condition constitutes a probation violation.
  6. You are to abide by ANY and ALL directives and / or rules of the DJS County Probation Office.

If ordered by the court, you may be required to complete any of the following special conditions of probation:

  1. Community service hours
  2. A Missouri state certified program, such as SATOP, ADEP, or REACT.
  3. Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
  4. Defensive Driving Course (DDC)
  5. Domestic Violence Impact Panel
  6. DJS Evaluation or Drug & Alcohol Evaluation
  7. Electronic Home Detention (House Arrest)
  8. DJS SCRAM alcohol monitoring
  9. Any other certified program, such as, Petty Larceny Class, Anger Management Class, etc.
  10. Ignition Interlock installation on motor vehicle
  11. Restitution
  12. No contact with victim
  13. Any other special conditions, as required by courts.

You shall NOT consume any alcoholic beverage or drug inducing intoxicant prior to or while operating a motor vehicle.  You shall submit to a breath or blood test upon the request of a law enforcement officer.  The failure to submit to a breath or blood test constitutes a probation violation.


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