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St. Louis County Probation & Alternative Community Service Program

Electronic Home Detention (EHD)
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Electronic Home Detention Program
Buzz Westfall Justice Center
100 S. Central Ave
Level 0
Clayton, Mo 63105
(After entering building, take elevator down to level 0.)

The St. Louis County, Department of Justice Services-EHD Program allows offenders to serve all or some portion of their pre-trial and/or sentenced time at home.  Offenders are monitored electronically and are confined to their home, except when a Justice Services EHD staff approves a schedule that may include attendance at work, school, or treatment.  To insure compliance, the offender is equipped with an electronic bracelet in order to allow monitoring.    Staff will have “Drive Field Surveillance Units” that will be able to detect  if an offender is at his place of employment, school, or treatment facilities.  Justice Services EHD staff will be alerted to any tampering of the unit or if the offender is not within the required distance of the monitoring device.  The courts, prosecuting attorney, and/or probation officer (if applicable) will be notified of any serious rule violation.  In order for an individual to participate in this program, they must be court ordered  to the EHD Program and have a land based telephone line installed at their residence.  The cost to participate in EHD program is between $5 - $8 per day, depending on the monitoring device  used for supervision.

EHD Case Managers:
Dean Bruemmer 314.615.5697 
Concere Shaw 314.615.5721
Paula Teabeau  314.615.5617

Kylee Reed  314.615.5613